Wi-Fi Drive Up

Waukegan Public Schools is excited to announce that we are launching drive-up WiFi service at several of our school parking lots. We understand many individuals may lack reliable high speed internet at home. This new service will allow all students and staff to visit any of the schools listed below to connect to the WiFi from your vehicles.

You find a complete list of 16 available schools below. Please note the highlighted areas in green, which show the designated parking spaces for students and staff to receive the best WiFi signal at each building.

This service is for staff and student use only. Please be aware that the WPS60 WiFi network is not open to the public. Only student Chromebooks or District laptops will be able to connect to the WiFi. Students and staff will be able to access the WiFi from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day.

Please see the WiFi instructions for students and staff at the bottom. Staff may need to re-authenticate your district account to connect to the WiFi.

Elementary Schools

Carman-Buckner Elementary Carman-Buckner Elementary School

Clark Elementary Clark Elementary

Clearview Elementary Clearview Elementary

Cooke Magnet Cooke Magnet

Glen Flora Glen Flora Wi-Fi
Glenwood Elementary Glenwood Elementary
Alternate Location:
Whittier Elementary

Greenwood Elementary Greenwood Elementary

Hyde Park Elementary Hyde Park Elementary

Little Fort Elementary Little Fort Elementary

Lyon Magnet Lyon Magnet

McCall Elementary McCall Elementary

North Elementary North Elementary

Oakdale Elementary Oakdale Elementary

Washington Elementary Washington Elementary

Whittier Elementary Whittier Elementary

Middle Schools

Abbott Middle School Abbott MS Wi-Fi area
Jack Benny Middle School Jack Benny Middle School
Alternate Location:
Little Fort Elementary

Jefferson Middle School Jefferson Middle School

Juarez Middle School Juarez Middle School

Webster Middle School Webster Middle School
Alternate Location:
Whittier Elementary

High Schools

WHS Brookside WHS Brookside

WHS Washington WHS Washington Campus Wi-Fi



The “WiFi Drive-up” services will support academic studies for remote learning, and connection speeds are limited for any other connectivity. For optimal internet speeds  we recommend a vehicle limit of 10 for the elementary and middle schools and 15 for the Brookside Campus location. For technical support with WiFi connections please call 224-303-1087

How To Connect - All Students K-12:

SSID: WPS-Student
Password: waukegan
Requirements: Must use district provided device (ie. Chromebook)

How To Connect - Staff Members:

Password: waukegan14
Requirements: Must use district provided device (ie. Macbook)

Open the website http://go.com to authenticate to the network. If you see a Disney website come up, then you are good to go, otherwise follow the next steps.

Enter your district credentials:
    Ex. Username: johnsmith @wps60.org (the part of your email before the "@")
    Ex. Password: same as your email password


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