Title IX / Non-Discrimination

The Board of Education of the Waukegan Community Unit School District No. 60 has, and will maintain, a policy regarding equal employment, equal educational and extracurricular opportunities and non-discrimination, regardless of person’s race; color; gender; sexual orientation; gender identity or expression; ancestry; age; religion; physical or mental disability; order of protection status; actual or potential marital or parental status, including pregnancy; homeless status or any other legally protected category. This policy includes the prohibition against harassment of any kind, including but not limited to sexual harassment, or retaliation against any individual for reporting or participating in the investigation of a discrimination or harassment complaint. The District, additionally, will not knowingly enter into agreements with any entity or any individual that discriminates against students on the basis of any protected status. 

Complaints received generally will be investigated and resolved in accordance with the District’s Uniform Grievance Procedure Policy 2110, or, when the accused is a student, the District’s student discipline policies. However, complaints of bullying will be addressed under the District’s Prohibition Against Bullying Policy 6046 and complaints related to students experiencing homelessness will be addressed consistent with the procedure established by the State in the Education for Homeless Children Act, 105 ILCS 45/1-25.

Interim Title IX/Nondiscrimimination Coordinator: Joseph Clary
Interim Title IX/Nondiscrimination Complaint Manager (Lincoln Center): Anderson Lattimore
Waukegan Public School
1201 N. Sheridan Road, Waukegan, IL 60085
Ph. 312-371-2444
Email: [email protected]; or mailto:[email protected]

Students, parents, employees or community members should notify the District’s Nondiscrimination Coordinator (above) of good faith beliefs that their right to be free from discrimination or harassment based on a legally protected category has been violated under State or federal law. Students, parents, employees or community members should notify the District’s Title IX Coordinator (above) or a Complaint Manager (below) of their good faith belief that an individual has been subjected to sexual harassment in violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

Complaint Managers for Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaints Only

Andrew Cooke Magnet

Contact Principal, Stephanie Jensen for assignment of Complaint Manager
Ph. 224-303-1710
Email:[email protected]

H.R. McCall Elementary

Assistant Principal, Pamela Crowell
Ph. 224-303-1771
Email: [email protected]

Oakdale Elementary

Assistant Principal, Jose Salazar
Ph. 224-303-1871
Email: [email protected]

Robert Abbott Middle School

Principal, Carl Hagman
Ph. 224-303-2360
Email: [email protected]

Carman-Buckner Elementary

Assistant Principal, Allie Lichtenstein
Ph. 224-303-1564
Email: [email protected]

Hyde Park Elementary

Assistant Principal, Melissa LaShelle
Ph. 224-303-2007
Email: [email protected]

Washington Elementary

Assistant Principal, Matthew Decker
Ph. 224-303-2231
Email: [email protected]

John R. Lewis Middle School

Co- Principal, Amanda Nault
Ph. 224-303-2564
Email: [email protected]

Clearview Elementary

Principal, Sanid Johnson
Ph. 224-303-1610
Email: [email protected]

John S. Clark Elementary

Contact Principal, Gladys Rodriguezfor assignment of Complaint Manager
Ph. 224-303-1580
Email: [email protected]

Whittier Elementary

Principal, Andrew Kramer
Ph. 224-303-1910
Email: [email protected]

WHS-Brookside Campus

Assistant Principal, Kimberly George
Ph. 224-303-3068
Email: [email protected]

Glen Flora Elementary

Principal, Joel Ruiz
Ph. 224-303-1810
Email: [email protected]

Little Fort Elementary

Assistant Principal, Tim La Brie
Ph. 224-303-3711
Email: [email protected]

Edith Smith Middle School

Assistant Principal, Kayla Carey
Ph. 224-303-2771
Email: [email protected]

WHS-Washington Campus

Assistant Principal, Terrance Thomas
Ph. 224-303-3388
Email: [email protected]

Glenwood Elementary

Assistant Principal, Jennifer Aldred
Ph. 224-303-2021
Email: [email protected]

Lyon Magnet Elementary

Assistant Principal, Anne Zahn
Ph. 224-303-2311
Email: [email protected]

Jack Benny Middle School

Principal, Isaac Kirkwood
Ph. 224-303-2407
Email: [email protected]

Alternative/Optional Educational Center

Assistant Principal, Michael Cicirale
Ph. 224-303-2888
Email: [email protected]

Greenwood Elementary

Principal, Joyce Meyer
Ph. 224-303-2090
Email: [email protected]

North Elementary

Assistant Principal, Natasha Pierce
Ph. 224-303-2171
Email: [email protected]

Miguel Juarez Middle School

Assistant Principal, Sheonta Myers
Ph. 224-303-2671
Email: [email protected]

Robbie Lightfoot Early Learning Center

Contact Principal Nicole Session for assignment of Complaint Manager
Ph. 224-303-1410
Email: [email protected]

Relevant Policies 
Policy 2110 - Uniform Grievance Procedure     (English - Spanish)
Policy 4001 - Nondiscrimination     (English - Spanish)
Policy 4002 - Harassment Prohibited     (English - Spanish)
Policy 6020 - Equal Educational Opportunity and Nondiscrimination     (English - Spanish)
Policy 6021 - Harassment of Students Prohibited     (English - Spanish)
Policy 6046 - Prohibition Against Bullying     (English - Spanish)

Title IX Training Materials
August 7, 2020 - 2020 Title IX Regulations: K - 12 Basic Compliance Training
September 9, 2020 - Handout for Waukegan CUSD 60 Title IX Board Training
October 15, 2020 - Waukegan Investigator and Decision-maker Training

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