Food Distribution Sites

Waukegan Public Schools will host food distribution events on Tuesdays and Thursdays during this period of extended school closures. Beginning the week of April 6, distribution will be moving into neighborhoods. Distribution will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 8:30 a.m. Staff have identified more than 100 (updated April 27) sites in the community for meals distribution. Additionally, the WHS-Brookside Campus will continue to serve as a drive-through location. A complete list of sites, a map and additional information can be found below. 

-In compliance with State regulations, meals can only be served to children 18 and under.
-Buses will remain at each stop for 20- 30 minutes before traveling to the next location on the designated route.
-We ask that families please maintain social distancing practices, and avoid crowding together when approaching buses.
-Staff will distribute the meals from a bus window, or from the rear of the bus. Children and parents will not be permitted to board the bus.  


Route A
8:30a-8:50a – S Park Ave And Bluff St
8:55a- 9:15a – Clarke Ave And Besley Place
9:20a- 9:40a – S Lincoln Ave And Clarke Ave
9:45a- 10:15a – S Victory St And Forest Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – Besley Place And Forest Ave

Route B
8:30a-8:50a - S Kyle Dr And W Lucia Ave
8:55a- 9:15a – S Orchard Ave And Melrose Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – S Martin Ave And Catalpa Ave
9:45a- 10:15a – Wisconsin Ave And Melrose Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – Washington Park And Melrose Ave

Route C
8:30a-8:50a – Marshall Parkway And Carney Ave
8:55a- 9:15a – Marshall Parkway And Cedar Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – S McAree Rd And Pearsall Parkway
9:45a- 10:15a – 8th Parkway And Cedar Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – S Martin Ave And 8th Parkway

Route D
8:30a-8:50 - Longview Rd And N Elmwood Ave
8:55a- 9:15 – Golf Rd And N Pine St
9:20a- 9:40a – Western Ave And Sunset Terrace
9:45a- 10:15a – Western Ave And Montesano Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – New York St And Golf Rd

Route E
8:30a-8:50a - W Grandville Ave And N Adelphi Ave
8:55a- 9:15a – W Grandville Ave And N Northern Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – W Grandville Ave And N Baldwin Ave
9:45a- 10:15a – N Pioneer Rd And Oakland Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – W Ridgeland Ave And N Mcaree Rd

Route F
8:30a-8:50a - North Ave And 2nd St
8:55a- 9:15 – N Ash St And 4th St
9:20a- 9:40a – Chestnut St And Franklin St
9:45a- 10:15a – Edwards St And Walnut St
10:20a- 10:40a – W Ridgeland Ave And Walnut St

Route G
8:30a-8:50 - Lorraine Ave And Brookside Ave
8:55a- 9:15 – N Elmwood Ave And Brookside Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – Jenkinson Ct And N Elmwood Ave
9:45a- 10:15a – Jenkinson Ct And Dorchester Ct
10:20a- 10:40a – Miguel Juarez School Back Parking Lot

Route H
8:30a-8:50 – Teske Blvd And Judy Ln
8:55a- 9:15 – Teske Blvd And Hood Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – Teske Blvd And Mobile
9:45a- 10:15a – 7th St And Knight Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – 3040 W 8 Th St

Route I
8:30a-8:50 - W Clayton St And N Victory St
8:55a- 9:15 – W Clayton St And Philippa Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – W Clayton St And N St James St
9:45a- 10:15a – S Park Ave And W Water St
10:20a- 10:40a – Clarke Ave And Powell Ave

Route J
8:30a-8:50 - 9th And S Mlk Jr Ave
8:55a- 9:15 – 9th And S Mcalister Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – 9th And Adams St
9:45a- 10:15a – 9th And S Lincoln Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – 9th And Jackson St

Route K
8:30a-8:50 - 8th and Jackson St
8:55a- 9:15 – 8th And S Lincoln Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – 8th And Adams St
9:45a- 10:15a – 8th And S Mcalister Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – 8th And S Mlk Jr Ave

Route L
8:30a-8:50 - May St And S Jackson St
8:55a- 9:15 – May St And S Lincoln Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – May St And Sunderline St
9:45a- 10:15a – May St And S Mcalister Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – May St And S Mlk Jr Ave

Route M
8:30a-8:50 - George Ave And S Lincoln Ave
8:55a- 9:15 – S Mcalister Ave And George Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – Oak St And S Mckinley Ave
9:45a- 10:15a – S Mcalister Ave And S Mckinley Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – S Genessee And Liberty St

Route N
8:30 a.m. – 8:50 a.m.-  Blanchard Rd & Metropolitan Ave
8:55 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.- Blanchard Rd & N Northern Ave
9:20 a.m. – 9:40 a.m.- Nemesis Ave & N Frolic Ave
9:45 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. - N Northern Ave & Vermont Ave
10:20 a.m.– 10:40 a.m. - N Adelphi & Burris Ave

Route O
8:30 a.m– 8:50 - Skyhawk Ave & Spritz Dr
8:55 a.m– 9:15 - Newcastle Rd & Edgewood Rd
9:20 a.m– 9:40 - Winhaven Dr & Rock Pkwy
9:45 a.m– 10:15 - W Newcastle Ct & E Newcastle Ct
10:20 a.m– 10:40 -  N Bonnie Brook Ln & N McAree Rd

Route P
8:30 a.m – 8:50 - Creek Rd & Chinook Rd
8:55 a.m – 9:15 - Delaware Rd & W Cheyenne Rd
9:20 a.m – 9:40 - Williamsburg Dr & Georgetown Ln
9:45 a.m – 10:15 - N Metropolitan Ave & W Atlantic Ave
10:20 a.m – 10:40 - W Keith Ave & N Adelphi Ave

Route Q
8:30a-8:50a – 500 N Green Bay Rd
8:55a- 9:15a – N Green Bay Rd and Heritage Green Apartments
9:20a- 9:40a – Westwaukee Rd and East Dr
9:45a- 10:15a – W Monroe St and Le Baron St
10:20a- 10:40a – Oakwood Ave and Brookside Ave

Route R
8:30a-8:50a – W Glen Flora Ave and Fox Crest/Cinnamon Lake Apartments 
8:55a- 9:15a – Leith Ave and W Grove Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – N Berwick Blvd and W Grove Ave
9:45a- 10:15a – N Berwick Blvd and Harding Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – Westmoreland Ave and W Pacific Ave

Route S
8:30a-8:50a – N Elmwood Ave and Partridge St
8:55a- 9:15a – Yeoman St and McKay St
9:20a- 9:40a – Yeoman St and Ferry St
9:45a- 10:15a – Yeoman St and Ballentine St
10:20a- 10:40a – Ballentine St and N Elmwood Ave 

Route T
8:30a-8:50a – N Linden Ave and Merton Ave
8:55a- 9:15a – N Greenwood Ave and N Jackson St
9:20a- 9:40a – N Jackson St and W Keith Ave
9:45a- 10:15a – Western Ave and W Atlantic Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – W Grove Ave and N Jackson St

Route U
8:30a-8:50a – North Ave and W Keith Ave
8:55a- 9:15a – North Ave and Stanley Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – N Poplar St and Douglas Ave
9:45a- 10:15a – W Ridgeland Ave and N Ash St
10:20a- 10:40a – N Ash St and Center St

Route V
8:30a-8:50a – W Ridgeland Ave and Leith Ave
8:55a- 9:15a – W Ridgeland Ave and N Berwick Blvd
9:20a- 9:40a – W Ridgeland Ave and Westmoreland Ave
9:45a- 10:15a – Lewis Pl and Indiana Ave
10:20a- 10:40a – W Ridgeland Ave and Yeoman St

Route W
8:30a-8:50a – Lyon Magnet School
8:55a- 9:15a – 11th St and S Elmwood Ave
9:20a- 9:40a – 11th St and Elizabeth Ave
9:45a- 10:15a – 12th St and Washington Park
10:20a- 10:40a – 13th St and S Elmwood Ave
10:45a – 11:05a – 14th St and Washington Park

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